Life Lessons To Learn From An Eagle Overcome Obstacles


In so many centuries of human existence, the eagle has been a bird of inspiration to many people. Being the largest and strongest, the eagle is a symbol of bravery, power, courage, strength and superiority. It has found itself in many symbols and the coat of arms of about 27 countries including Ghana and Nigeria.

 However there are some lesson to be learnt from eagles, if you are able to combines these lessons, you would soar high in life and every difficulty will be below you, you would overcome challenges like an eagle. We are going to look at seven fascinating life lessons from an eagle.

1. The eagle has a keen eyesight

Eagles have extremely powerful eyes which are about 3.6 times human acuity. Eagle eyes is used for long-distance focus and clarity. They are always a step ahead of their prey and always over 100 miles ahead of those who compete with them.



Anyone who has the aim to go far in life must have a vision. The vision must be void of ambiguities and has absolute clarity. Never underestimate a person of vision, he would not only make a great leader but he would live a meaningful life.

2. Fearlessness

This fearless birds never give up. They are always focused on achieving their goals. Not even the overwhelming size of their prey can make them surrender. Once an eagle target a particular prey, they would achieve their aim. They are fearless in their hunting expeditions and some can even prey on goats. Incredible right?



In life no matter what our challenges are, we must learn to be fearless. We must be courageous in the pursuit of our success. Though we may face challenges on the way but the only option we have is victory. Victory only comes if you are able to dare the impossible. Scare your fears till they surrender.

3. They soar even in raging currents

Sometimes torrents of wind cruise high in the heavens. While other birds scamper for cover, the eagle stays high in the skies. What happens is that the eagle spreads its large winds, take advantage of the raging currents and soars to greater heights.



When the storms of life comes in its season. Which option will you take? Will you run for cover? Or would you rather take advantage of the storm to mount on greater heights? The more the storm gets tougher, the higher its probability of taking you higher. It’s similar to writing exams in school. The exams that will promote you to the next level is tougher than first year exams.

4. An Eagle Is A High flyer

Have you ever heard the expression, soar high like a hawk? Of course not, It’s always soar high like an eagle. This is because no other bird has the intrinsic ability to soar like an eagle. Soaring means to fly aloft with little efforts. Because eagles soar, this prevents them from mingling with other birds. Eagles are able to fly to an altitude of 10,000 feet and they are able to land quickly to catch a prey.



High flyers stands out from the cloud, they live a very outstanding life. When you soar high above obstacles, you create an extraordinary class of your own.

5. Eagles are high builders

These outstanding birds are not only high flyers, they are also high builders. Eagle don’t just love flying, they always want to stay high even when they are not flying. They build nests in high places. They always tell themselves. “We are here to stay and we are not going down there.”


Anytime you think about greatness in life, don’t see it as a destination but a journey. When you go to the land of greatness, you must build a permanent place there. Build a mountain of excellence and don’t return to the valley of mediocrity.

6. An eagle retreat for energy

Despite the strength of an eagle, there comes a stage where the condition of its physical body begins to deteriorate when it is at age 30 years. This is a threat to its survival. When all hope seems to be lost, it is actually not lost for an eagle. It goes to a mountaintop or a cliff for a retreat which lasts for four to five months. It plucks off its feathers and knocks off its beak by hitting it hard against the rock. Very painful.

During this, its physical body undergoes a complete metamorphosis and new stages of its body emanates which can last an eagle for another thirty to forty years.


When the demands of life tend to weigh us down and all hope seems to be lost, a retreat is recommended. Go back, rekindle your energy and come back fully refreshed.

These are the life lessons to learn form an eagle to help us overcome the challenges of life. I hope this article inspired you. Please share this article for others to benefit also.

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