Late Slay Queen Gets Buried In A Manhood-Shaped Casket

Late Slay Queen Gets Buried In A Manhood-Shaped Casket

One picture of a funeral procession has caught lots of attention on social media about a ‘supposed’ slay queen who gets buried in a manhood-shaped casket. Even though none of the family members have spoken to the press. But the manner in which they part ways with the dead speak a lot about the lifestyle of this lady, while she lived. As it appears the woman didn’t have a good rapport with the family. Thus they decided to bury her with this coffin as an embarrassment in correspondence to her life on earth.

However, it is well noted that people get buried in fashion style caskets, shaped into a car etc to befit their work on earth. Which is why we think the late slay queen was also buried with a casket in like-manner. Indeed, our elders are so right! The evil men do, lives after them.

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SOURCE : GhGossip

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