La Cote D’Ivoire Reopens School

La Cote D'Ivoire Reopens School

La Cote D’Ivoire Reopens School

Cote d’Ivoire : Children Head Back to School Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

Ghana’s neighboring country, Ivory Coast reportedly reopened schools yesterday Monday 25, 2020. Even as it becomes one of the first in west Africa to resume education weeks after Covid-19 put academic activities on hold.

Although the country has over 2000 cases of the Novel coronavirus currently, authorities are confident that children can practice the needed hygiene and protocols to curb the spread of the virus in schools in addition to other safety measures set aside.

Thus, students with nose masks on queue to wash their hands under a teacher’s watchful eye. Moreover, they sit in their respective classrooms by ‘one to a desk’ with hand sanitisers within a reach.

Which other African country is likely to follow suit?

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La Cote D’Ivoire Reopens School

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