Join 5000+ WhatsApp Groups To Promote Your Business


Join 5000+ WhatsApp Groups To Promote Your Business

Are you in for any promotion on WhatsApp?

Do you run a WhatsApp Business account or probably the normal one? Do you promote your blog posts on WhatsApp in the exposure for site visibility? Are you promoting affiliate links and products on WhatsApp for more engagements and probably land in sale conversions? It could even be your own products and or services. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter because nothing else matters. As long as your are in to promote anything on WhatsApp, this post is specially for you!

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Today, am giving you a secret link to access over 5,000 WhatsApp Groups just to help you promote anything you want to a large audience. But quickly before that, let me give you some guidelines :

Kindly take note

  • Join groups that are related to the kind of products and services you offer. That way, you may not necessarily have problems with group Admins. For example, if am promoting news posts from my website then i had better join news WhatsApp groups. It will not only prevent you from being possibly blocked or removed from the group but will increase engagements for your advertisement. Assuming i join a sports WhatsApp group only to promote shirts and glasses. Some may be interested though, but it doesn’t work much that way. Because a lot of the members in there are there for the sake of sports. So give them what they want!
  • Don’t bother yourself with the names of the WhatsApp groups you see on the site am about showing you. Just make sure you click on each WhatsApp link you find. The link should be able to take you to WhatsApp on your device. Once you are there, i want you to check three important things before you join :

3 simple guidelines to see you through

  • Firstly, check the name of the WhatsApp group to contemplate whether it had be the perfect one for your promotion. Often times more than not, WhatsApp group names communicate the sole purpose of the group and what goes on in there even without having to join yet.
  • And secondly, check the group’s description for further information about the group. Sometimes group descriptions carry the rules of the group. So see whether you are able to comply with such rules as may be stated. Otherwise, you can get your ass kicked for flouting them. And if there is no description or there are no rules cited there, don’t bother yourself because some Admins don’t give a damn. But anyway, who cares?
  • Lastly and most importantly, check the number of members in the group. This is important because you are about to browse 5000+ WhatsApp groups and you can’t join all of them. I don’t know about you but for me, i had be lazy about it than have my fingers gnaw in pain. So this is my little advice – create a master group list. To create a master group list is to join the most active groups out there. And most often, they are the ones with high number of members. So i had say, don’t join any group whose membership count below 100. Unless it is in your best interest and knowledge that the group can help your promotion. Otherwise too, you can decide to join all the groups no matter the number. That may also not be bad, but you can’t join all of them in a fortnight. It may take you up to three (3) days of continuous work or so, but the result will profit you surprisingly. So the choice is yours.


And hey, one more thing before you go. You cannot join any WhatsApp group per se you know? So go where your rightful audience are. Otherwise, you had be boring and annoying. Now you are all set to join any WhatsApp group of your choice among the list. And I thought you might want to subscribe to my site in order to get notifications of new helpful and interesting articles like this one.

Alright, so there you go. Access it with the link below :

Join 5000+ WhatsApp Groups To Promote Your Business

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