Jesus Did Not Die on Friday : Easter is Demonic

Jesus on the cross

Jesus Did Not Die on Friday : Easter is Demonic – A Must Read

Today marks a perculiar festival of Good Friday in most Christian religious scopes pertaining to Easter. For this cause, Eth Studios made a conscious effort to update our audience on Easter in this pandemic. And this is what we found :

Above is a link of an article from, the official website for the Christ Cosmopolitan Church (CCI) in Kumasi – Ghana.

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Despite the popular belief that Easter is a sacred festival celebrated in honor of Jesus’ death, this article proves this as untrue. Numerous Christians across the globe however hold to the faith of Easter as being divine.

Easter amidst Covid-19

In the meantime, the outbreak of the Covid-19 Corona virus has melted mountains low as usual Easter camping halt worldwide. Nonetheless, this measure has been put in place by numerous governments across the globe in observing social distancing amidst the pandemic outbreak. Correspondingly, the purpose of this is to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.

Furthermore, this article cites the word “Easter” from the root word, “Ishtar” as the name of a goddess in Greek Mythology. And that the word, “Easter” as used in the book of Acts 12:4 did not mean Easter but “Passover”. Referring to a feast celebrated in Israel as the feast of Passover.

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It again mentions that the popular belief that Jesus died on Friday is not true but that he died on Thursday. Therefore referring to Easter as an ancient Greek festival celebrated in honor of the Greek goddess Ishtar and her son Tammuz. Whereas tagging it a Babylonian festival not worthy of Christian celebrations.

The link of the article here below in case you missed it :

Jesus Did Not Die on Friday : Easter is Demonic – A Must Read.

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