Internet Explodes As Covid-19 Shifts The Paradigm


Internet Explodes As Covid-19 Shifts The Paradigm

  • In this news :
  • Covid-19 confirmed case reports increase worldwide
  • Ghana records more than 19 on COVID-19
  • H.E Nana Akuffo addresses the nation once again
  • In the nut shell, number of death tolls across the globe have gone up
  • Howbeit, total number of recoveries also climb up
  • Meanwhile, the virus forces the world to go virtual
  • As a result, churches get affected by social distancing to shift all services online

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Now the news in detail:


Internet explodes as covid-19 shifts the paradigm

A report from worldometer indicates a total number of 308,463 confirmed cases worldwide. Out of this number, 108,897 have had an outcome either positively or otherwise. Hence considering the report, 13,069 being 12% of the total number of outcomes have met their sudden demise. Whiles in contrast, health authorities and medical officers take the virus by the horns as number of recoveries increase from 85,000 to 95,828 which constitute 88% as at March 22nd,2020.

A close look at the report also shows that there are 199,566 active coronavirus cases across the globe. Conversely, 95% of the number of active cases as 189,623 are confirmed to be in mild conditions whiles 9,943 cases which constitute 5% of the total number are critical. Statistics tell that situations may get out of hand in the coming days as the virus keeps spreading. Undoubtedly, the World Health Organisation and other health authorities affirm the world in doing their best following the rapid rise of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

View further reports and statistics here :
Worldometer stats


Internet explodes as covid-19 shifts the paradigm

Meanwhile, back here in Ghana, latest reports and statistics amount a total number of 21 confirmed cases as at March 21st, 2020 – report from Consequently, the President of the 4th Republic of Ghana, H.E Nana Akuffo Addo addresses the nation on various preventive measures as is fit for the combat of this warfare. In his speech, His Excellency closes borders.

Internet explodes as covid-19 shifts the paradigm

Also, Mr. President appeals for a day of fasting and prayer for the nation on Wednesday March 25th to call upon divinity to intervene in the affairs of men.

Internet explodes as covid-19 shifts the paradigm


As health authorities may have it, social distancing as a method of isolation is highly advised in the face of this pandemic. A global shift from a real natural world where human and animal contacts may be experienced to a virtual one is a ‘no other way’ option. This is because, contacts with infected persons are bound to happen in the widespread of the virus.

Speaking on the media, various authoritarians express their opinion of a total shutdown as a precaution against worst cases yet to report. As community-level spread of the pandemic rises in number, whole nations get lockdown. Millions of hotels, restaurants and malls worldwide will also experience a lock-down in the coming week in response to contain the spread of COVID-19.


COVID-19 forces about 37 million churches across the globe segregated into 34,000 denominations to practice social distancing today. This has come into effect as a result of declarations from various governments in response to contain COVID-19. Seventy percent of this number speculate to hold services online. And not only today, but to move all other services in the week to the internet. This precaution however is to go in the long run in securing the health conditions of millions. Moreover, live streams on Facebook , YouTube and other social media platforms have become the dire option of the day. Nevertheless, internet access for some people become difficult. On the other hand, some churches also advise house-level services. This is to ensure that services still hold even in the midst of atrocity.

Internet Explodes As Covid-19 Shifts The Paradigm

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