I Will Be Shocked If Politicians Go To Heaven : Oboy Siki

Oboy Siki

I Will Be Shocked If Politicians Go To Heaven : Oboy Siki

One of Kumawood’s bedrock actors of all time Oboy Siki, has said that he would be shocked to see any politician make it to heaven. And that it will be a total disappointment in divinity per his opinion if this ever happens.

The veteran actor made this known per his personal conviction of the political system and it’s highly predicted ‘evil’ activities before one can arrive in good position standing. Oboy Siki, giving his reasons for this claim said that politicians steal or embezzle state resources and properties for selfish gains to the detriment of the general public or the Ghanaian citizenry who voted them into power.

Moreover, he said that although everybody transgresses sometimes, but the sins of politicians are more punishable and thus, denounces them from inheriting the kingdom of God. “If I see a politician in heaven, I will be disappointed in God. In politics, the young insults the old, and the old insults their counterparts. They also steal money that the Bible is against,” he said.

Pointing out yet another opinion that politicians do indulge in some human sacrifices before they could be voted into power, “They kill people. We got to a point where we saw human head on the street of Ghana. When a Politician goes to the juju man and he asks for human blood, there is no way he/ she will say no, they will give the go-ahead. So If I meet even one politician in heaven, I will be disappointed,” Oboy Siki concluded.

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I Will Be Shocked If Politicians Go To Heaven : Oboy Siki