How Do I Get A Visa Card In Ghana?

How Do I Get A Visa Card In Ghana?

How Do I Get A Visa Card In Ghana?

Disclaimer : The bank I got my visa card from is Fidelity Bank, so the process described below is based on my experience there. However, other banks may have their own requirements and methods of registering accounts and issuing cards. But I believe they all might have similar processes so, it’s worth it, to try at any bank of your choice and share your own experience with us.


It’s quite surprising, how easy and fast you can open up a bank account(if you don’t have) and get a Visa Card. Even though opening a bank account wasn’t so easy in the past, especially for young people who had no particular source of income. Nonetheless, student accounts came into the scene and managed to get some young people in. Regardless of this, quite a large number of young Ghanaians and even adults do not have an account at any bank, not to talk of visa card.

The process described here below can help you open up a bank account and obtain a Visa Card fast and easy in Ghana.

Opening A Bank Account

  • Visit any Ghanaian bank of your choice to open your account. Firstly, you would prefer going there when a few customers are around, early morning and late afternoon will be good. Again, you must try and figure out which banks are nearest to you and the type of services they provide. Another important thing is the amount they charge for the visa card every month. Fidelity bank for our example, charges about GHC5 monthly.
  • If you’ve never had any experience at the bank before, on reaching the bank premises, kindly tell the security personnel available that, you wish to open an account. Yes, he would gladly take your request to the appropriate person in charge of the registration process who would walk you through the process.
  • You wouldn’t have to fill out any lengthy form, only some few personal details will be taken. Thus, including the name and telephone number of your next of Kin, your house number, and the type of account you wish to open. So you could choose a savings account if that’s what you prefer.
  • So is that all they would need? Relax, the rest of the talking is done by your Ghana Card! See, its that easy!

Getting A Visa Card

  • If you have already opened up a bank account, getting a visa card is as easy as walking to your bank and simply requesting for one.
  • Or, if you would need to create a bank account first, as explained above, just request for a visa card after the registration process. It happens in just a few hours.


  1. The most important items are your Ghana Card, your voters ID and TIN number. In the case of Fidelity, Ghana Card is enough. With that, they can easily verify your identity. No more stress, no wahala!
  2. You would also need to have a personal email address. If you don’t have, it’s as easy as opening a new Gmail account. Follow the estimated 2-minute-video step by step instructions at the end of this topic to create a Gmail account on android and Apple/IOS.
  3. Needless to say this, you obviously have a mobile phone and a sim card right? Those might be requiring for setting up your account and making some confirmations as well.
  4. An initial deposit would be required, you can deposit as little as GHC50, and a deduction of GHC 15 will be made to cover up for the payment of your Visa Card. But take note that am speaking from Fidelity Bank perspective. Other banks may charge similar.

Create Gmail account on Apple/IOS :

Create Gmail account on Android :

If you would want to use PC to create a gmail account, kindly follow the Android instructions above.

Some Few Tips

Getting a visa card in Ghana is a seamless process and does not require much hustle. The personnel who takes you through the process will explain much to you and ‘hold your hand throughout the whole process’. Within some few minutes you could be in and out with your shiny Visa Card. You know how i felt after having my new visa card from Fidelity? I felt mature to hold it, i know it’s funny but that’s it. Because it could go in the long run to help with my online business transactions. If you want to open a PayPal account with your visa card, it’s always the best choice as compared to Master Cards.

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Before you go to the bank, you can decide on the pin code and passwords you will use to secure your account and make sure this information is always kept secret to yourself. The benefits of having one of these is unsurpassed. From making purchases online, and withdrawing cash from any local ATM and the personal feeling of having something valuable at hand. You know scammers are in town right? So you’ve got to make it confidential!

Having some cash in your bank account and having the means to pay for anything online could be tempting, so be cautious though with how you use it. Kindly make sure you understand how to manage money well and avoid spending on unnecessary items online. But i know you can huh, because you are all grown up now. I personally make sure anything I purchase brings me back something more valuable, like knowledge, skill or cash.


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