Hon Kennedy Agyapong Involved In A Car Accident


Hon Kennedy Agyapong Involved In A Car Accident

Member of Parliament for Assin Central Honorable Kennedy Agyapong was involved in a trivial accident yesterday 22nd July, 2020.

According to an account by an eye witness, a metro mass bus which was loaded fully with passengers sped past the vehicle of the member of parliament. But suddenly swerved and run into the shield of the Jeep.


Further reports reveal he scratched some part of Kennedy Agyapong’s car but there were no casualties. Moreover, after the driver had run into the jeep, he was instructed to pack. But sources say he initially refused to do so. Until he was caught up in a fierce chase by Kennedy Agyapong’s driver. The bus driver who should have rather apologized, defended himself and threw first punch at the Escalade driver.

Hence, this made the MP very furious to interfere the brawl. Notwithstanding, all this happened without the bus driver having the slightest idea that the Escalade belonged to the Member of Parliament. Thus he was stunned upon seeing Kennedy Agyapong get down from the car.

Kennedy Agyapong

The incident occurred around the Nsawam Toll Booth and created a scene at the incident grounds. Kennedy Agyapong subsequently vowed to ensure that the Metro Mass Transit driver gets sacked for this reckless act. Knowing the politician very well, the bus driver is obviously in hot waters.

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Hon Kennedy Agyapong Involved In A Car Accident

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