Has Nandini Given Birth So Soon?- Full Details

has nandini given birth?

One of the questions that have kept the fan-lovers of popular Telenovella series on Atinka TV, Chandra Nandini in a dilemma is “Has Nandini given birth soo soon? How did it even happen? Did Chandra impregnate her before she was sacked? How Come we didn’t hear about her childbirth?” These and many other puzzles are what ETH STUDIOS is going to solve in this article.

While you were pondering over these questions, ‘has Nandini given birth’? You should have known that as a character playing a leading role in this series nothing about her would go unnoticed, every bit of information about her would surely be filmed.

Nandini was seen with a baby in her arms but the truth of it is that Nandini has not given birth yet. Don’t get confused and fight me yet. Let me explain to you.

Guatami, Nandini’s sister-in-law who was sacked is the mother of that child she was pampering. Your brother’s child is also your child. So Guatami’s child is also Nandini’s child.

Chandra Nandini Update On Monday November 2

Check a quote below from monday’s update on Chandra Nandini

“Gautami asks, why are you packing? Nandini answered “Bhabhi Bindusara Durdhara’s son is here”. Gautami says “you used to miss him, good you saw him.” Nandini says Bhabhi Chandra is here for Kaling, Maharaj brother’s wedding and it’s not safe for your baby and if they find you are alive, they will kill your baby as he is a member of Nand’s family. Gautami says Nandini please don’t leave us alone, we can’t live without you, Nandini hugs Gautami’s crying baby, Gautami says Nandini we shall stay away from the mahal, a dasi comes and informs its Sukanya study time”.

From this quote, I hope you are now fully convinced that Nandini hasn’t given birth yet. The child she was carrying is Guatami’s.

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