Gloria Sarfo Allegedly Hiding Her Pregnancy Because The Baby Has No Father?


Hmmm, under the sheets of dresses and heavy clothes around them, they seem to think it is the master of disguise but for people with the third “eye”, we obviously see what’s beyond the bare sheets.

Actress Gloria Sarfo is heavily pregnant but for some reason only known to her and which is now becoming obvious to people that she might be hiding it because she probably doesn’t know who the father is for the meantime or maybe she just wants her privacy uninvaded by the nose pokers of social media.

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The one time supporting act winner is trying hard as much as possible to conceal the baby bump which is also trying so hard to free it self from the tightened cloths around her belly.

Gloria Sarfo in her latest choice of dresses is a sure sign that she is indeed pregnant and expecting a baby anytime soon.

Whatever gender it is, we sure wish her good luck and a healthy baby when the date is due

Source: Gossippunch