Ghanaian Twins Starts Speaking With American Ascent Overnight

Video: Ghanaian Twins Starts Speaking With American Ascent Overnight

Miracles do happen and this is one of what we call a miracle. Ghanaian twins woke up one day and miraculously started speaking with the American ascent. The Cape Coast-born kids have shocked residents with their overnight amazing English speaking ability.

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You would say “this is no news, it’s normal to speak English”. But I tell you it is news because this is not the normal Ghanaian accent, they really speak with an American ascent. Meanwhile, the kids are living with their Ghanaian parents here in Ghana.

It is however reported that these Ghanaian twins haven’t shown any intelligent skills since they were born. As if they were being possessed, they just woke up one day and started speaking English, pure foreign ascent. One that they have never spoken before, since childbirth.

Can you tell when you started speaking good English when you were born? Those twins have not mastered the alphabets, yet miraculously, started speaking in pure American ascent.

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The twins, whose name are Lawrenda Akua Baidoo(Kiki) and Lawretha Akua Baidoo(Pipi) hail from the Cape Coast Ghana.

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Watch the video below:

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