Ghana Lands Madagascar’s Covid-Organics : Drug Testing Underway

WHO To Consider Madagascar's Coronavirus Medicine

Ghana Lands Madagascar’s Covid-Organics : Drug Testing Underway

Current report from the office of the Information Ministry confirms a reception of Madagascar’s coronavirus medicine, Covid-Organics in the country.

The Ministry confirmed this on their twitter handle quite recently, asserting the fact that, “We have received the Madagascar cure for Covid-19 and we are testing it for efficacy”

Meanwhile, Ghana reckons to be the latest country to go for the herbal tonic despite World Health Organization’s sentiments about untested drugs for Covid-19. Whiles current statistics reflect that not more than 20 African countries have already received the tonic besides Ghana. And are also testing the tonic for its efficiency in combating the global pandemic. President Rajoelina for Madagascar launched Covid-Organics in early April on the basis of its efficiency to solve this catastrophe we are all experiencing. Which has already claimed not less than 320,000 people and has infected almost 5 million people across the globe – report from worldometer.

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World Health Organization’s Sentiments about the tonic

Speaking in a recent address, the World Health Organization strongly warned against using untested vaccines for Covid-19. And later came out to say that, for the association to recognize Madagascar’s herbal medicine then it has to go through critical clinical tests. Meanwhile, President Trump for the United States of America has strongly protested on the redrawal of America’s investment in the organization if it cannot find any better solution for the prevailing circumstance. Nevertheless, the association has pointed out that it hasn’t received reports about Artemisia, the Malagasy plant used in manufacturing Covid-Organics, as being able to cure the virus.

Covid-Organics herbal plant, Artemisia Annua
Artemisia Annua

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In response to global scientific ‘proof’ expectations, South Africa recently offered to assist Madagascar in testing the tonic. If for a point in time, one hope the whole world is gladly in expectance, a cure for the Covid. For which no result procure as yet.

Issues regarding the aftermath of the tonic use has proven quite successful according to President Rajoelina in a televised broadcast. By confirming that it has been able to cure more than 70 coronavirus patients. Whiles previous news indicate that the country has recorded their first coronavirus death after two whole months.

Drug Testing Underway

Thus, the Ministry publicly declared that the Food and Drugs Authority will be testing the tonic’s efficiency in curing coronavirus. This is primarily because of ensuring optimum scientific approach in solving the problem. Whiles considering stern warning from the World Health Organization. That is, before it can be recommended for public use. Hence the Minister stated on Twitter this morning, “We are considering it. We have reached out to them. We have asked that it be available to us & like all drugs, it will be tested by FDA & in this case by Center for Plant Medicine & if proven efficacious, we can recommend it use”

Will the Malagasy Artemisia tonic save Ghana indeed? FDA now to confirm. Kindly leave your comment below

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Ghana Lands Madagascar’s Covid-Organics : Drug Testing Underway

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