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Fictions story of a woman who married a pastor for six years and didn’t know he was an occultist.

My name is Vivian, I am 28 years old and a University graduate. My parents joined their ancestors when I was very little. So I leaved made to leave with my aunty.

We live in Cape Town in South Africa, where I attended basic school and University. During my school days, I wasn’t into any ministry, since my aunty was not a lover of church.

I was on my way to a job interview one day when I met a man. He introduced himself to me as Bishop Micheal. He said he wanted to share with me the word of God. I was running late though, but he insisted and since the word of God was also important, I had to stay and listen.

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He started preaching, the word was powerful and I was moved. After preaching, he asked the church I was attending and I told him I didn’t have any. So he said then he would like to invite me to worship with them. He said the name of the church was ( God’s Way Ministry International). He took my number and from time to time, he has been calling to remind me of church services and to check on me as well.

In no time, I became one of the regular members of the church, during this time he was a junior pastor and was praying that one day he would also become a senior pastor. We became good friends and we usually talk over the phone. Few months down the line, the senior pastor died a tragic death that left everyone confused.

So since there was no head pastor, Michael was made the head pastor and things continued smoothly. Two years after we met, he took me out on my 30th birthday and while we were having fun, he proposed marriage to me.

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He was a nice and handsome person and a responsible one as well. All the time we were together, I grew to like him secretly, but since it is not appropriate for a lady to propose to a man, I kept my dignity and waited for him to make the move and finally he did. I tried to pretend as though I didn’t like, but inwardly I was very happy that finally he has proposed.

I waited for a while and then finally I said “Yes I will marry you”. We hugged each other and we both went home happily. But all this while, he never took me to his house and I also never bothered to ask.

Six months later, I took him to see my aunty, since my parents were not alive and since she was the one who took care of me from childhood, she was now my mother. We went to the house, and we were offered seats. She gave us water and asked the reason for our visit as it is done traditionally.

I started speaking and I introduced Michael to her and I told her everything and our plans to get married, so since she was my only family, I couldn’t continue with it without her permission. She only nodded her head and and asked Michael to excuse us for a minute. She took me into the kitchen and asked me how long I knew Michael. I told her and she asked again, if I took my time to study him. I said “Yes, I have studied him very well, he is a good man and he will take good care of me”. She asked many questions and I answered her accordingly. She didn’t like the idea though and moreover she didn’t seem to like Michael that much, but I managed to convince her into accepting him.

We went back into the living room and the conversation continued. She asked Michael a few questions and after everything was over, we asked to take our live. We told her when everything is ready, we will let her know.

The next month, he also took me to see his family, from there he took me to his house and he showed me around the house, the house was huge and a beautiful one as well. He showed me every part of the house, from the living room to the bed room, to the dinning hall and then we came across a room which he showed to me as his war room, a place where he use to pray, he said it was a sacred place for him, so no one is allowed to go inside, only if you are a holy person and a strong servant of God, then you will be allowed inside. But I never bothered to ask any more questions. In no time, everything was set and we were ready to get married.

Finally, the day of our wedding came and everything went on as planned. The atmosphere was full of love and happiness. Family and friends came in their numbers and everything was fun. After the ceremony we went home and everything was fine. We were both tired, so immediately we got into the house, we both slept off. There was a crusade coming on three days after our marriage so we needed to prepare. So we didn’t have time for a honeymoon.

We prayed and prepared very well, the day of the crusade came and the program was a mega one, it was all about miracles and power. Any sick person who came there received healing. After the program, I was proud of my husband and I walked shoulder high.

Since my husband became the head pastor, we had more members in the church to the extent that, we had to break part of the church to expand it in order to contain more members, but aside all the expansion, we still had more members than the church could contain, so we set up tents outside so those who weren’t able to get a place inside the main building would sit under and still be part of the church activities.

My husband performed lots and wonders and miracles which made him popular, both in and out of the country. We lived happily after the marriage and I supported him in which ever way as possible. I tried all my possible best to be a good house wife, I performed all the duties of a wife. I always clean the house, but I never ventured into the room my husband called his war room. He used to go there late in the night, which is a usual thing of every pastor to pray late in the evening.

Everything continued peacefully, the church continued to expand, and my husband was also loving and caring.

It was the sixth year of our marriage, and everything still seemed normal until one day something strange happened which got me disturbed. While my husband was in his war room praying, I heard a strange noise from inside the room, since I was the only one in the house, how come there was a noise coming from that room. For the first time when I heard it, I didn’t pay much attention to it, until it repeated itself for about three to four times on different occasions before I decided to find out for myself.

I waited patiently for the right time, and finally the opportunity came. My husband was to go for a general meeting with the other head pastors of the church of the other branches in another town, he told me he would be spending three days and I pretended I would miss him and I can’t stay alone for that long, so he shouldn’t go, but secretly I was so happy, since I would finally get to know what goes on in his so called war room. The day was Sunday, so I planned on going to church after I found out what was in the war room.

I helped him pack his bag and off he went. I went out of the house to be hundred percent sure that he is gone before I came back to try and open the door to the war room. I searched for the key to the door everywhere but it was all in vain, until finally I came across some bunch of keys under the bed in a box at a well secured place. I took the keys and walked straight to the door. I tried several of them and low and behold one was able to open the door.

I opened the door and a smell so strong to make a human faint, came out of the room. I immediately closed the door and emerged back out. So for a moment, I wondered how my husband was able to stay in this kind of smell for almost an hour and he comes back as though everything is ok. I got a handkerchief from my bag, tied it around my nose and went to the door and opened it again.

I went inside and what I saw with my eyes almost made me died of fright. I received the greatest fright of my life.

At this moment, I now understood everything clearly, the miracles, the more members coming into the church, the tragic death of the former head pastor, the strange noises, and many other tragic deaths that occurred in the church.

I immediately rushed to the church premises and called everyone to come and see, some believed me and others too were reluctant. But one way or the other, I managed to get a fair number of people to come with me. We went in to the house and seeing it for themselves, they started calling everyone they could get on the phone to come and see.

Immediately, my husband was summoned to return back to the house for something very important. He was asked not to go to the meeting, he was asked to come back home immediately.

Within an hour his car arrived and everyone was shouting and cursing him. He looked confused, but he managed to force his way into the house, upon seeing that his so called war room had been opened, he bent down his head in shame.

It was then that I got to know that, the man I was married to, for six years is actually an occultist.

The elders forced him to confess, and he said all the horrible things he committed, the number of people he had killed for sacrifices and many things.

After his confession, he started removing his clothes, he had gone mad and was behaving funny. Everyone made way for him to pass, he took on into the streets and no one ever saw him again.

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I abandoned everything and went back to my aunty to plead with her for not taking time to understand why she was having a second thoughts about pastor Michael. She accepted my apology and accepted me back into the house.

The church was demolished in addition to all the houses Bishop Michael owned.

A year later, I took a coarse In nursing, and now I am a nurse, during this period, I met a man called Stanley, we got married two years later and now am blessed with four kids, two girls and two boys.

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