Featuring Rolls Royce : Today In History

Rolls Royce

Featuring Rolls Royce : Today In History

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In history today, 27th of March happens to be a special day amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Because a great person was born on this day. Agreeably, this man contributes a great deal in the aspect of transportation today.

Sir Frederick Henry Royce- Cofounder of Rolls-Royce :

Henry Royce was born on 27th March,1863 in Alwalton,Huntingdonshire. He’s undoubtedly a native of England born to James and Mary Royce. He lived for a period of 70years and unfortunately died in 22nd April, 1933. As history may have it, this was as a result of a health problem. Which consequently detoriated his health status first in 1902 and later in 1911.

How it all started

Henry was an English engineer celebrated for his design of car and aeroplane engines. As the youngest of his parent’s five children, he passed through the rigours of life. From selling newspapers, through working as an apprentice to working on street and theatre lighting. Subsequently, Royce and one friend started a business together in making domestic electric fittings in a workshop called F.H. Royce and Company. They also made dynamos and electric cranes.

As competition arose in the “crane and dynamos” business, Royce was driven to manufacture a car of his own. This he did in a corner of the workshop, three cars so to say. And this was where he met Charles Rolls, his soon to be partner of Rolls-Royce. They met through a friend Edmunds who had already bought one of Henry’s first cars. Charles Rolls, who had a car showroom in London agreed to finance all of Royce’s cars. And together they partnered with the badge “Rolls-Royce”.

From left hand side – Charles Rolls and Henry Royce

Royce lived by the motto,”Whatever is rightly done, however humble,is noble” and had no children due to a breakup in his early life.

Below is a picture of the first Rolls-Royce Car

Featuring Rolls Royce : Today In History

Rolls Royce Today

Today, a typical Rolls-Royce Phantom costs as much as USD $452,750 – Truecar.com. This is why we say, today is special – Sir Frederick Henry Royce of blessed memory.

Featuring Rolls Royce : Today In History
2020 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Featuring Rolls Royce : Today In History

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