Fake Passport- Very Funny MarkAngel Comedy Video


You would laugh your ribs out after watching this new edition of MarkAngel Comedy, Fake Passport. Let me first ask you this, how would you feel, if your child burns your passport?

I can stop imagining how the police will come after you just because you couldn’t control your temper. But wait, what if it was due to your own ignorance and lies? Well that will leave you in a state of dilemma right? MarkAngel was a victim to this, Innocent Emmanuel couldn’t cope with the lies of his father and couldn’t help it by burning his passport. She is not to be blamed though.

It all started after MarkAngel who happens to be the father of Emmanuel lied about going to India when he spotted Emmanuella and his girlfriend coming to his house. He was enjoying his huge bread and cola drink when he spotted them from a far distance. You know he likes food. Am just kidding. Fearing for the life of his bread and drink, MarkAngel went out of sight before they could get there.

He left his door open and upon confrontation on phone, he lied about flying to India, without his passport? No, he said said he went with it. Well, the passport Emmanuella found in his room was a fake passport since one could only possess a single passport. What happens to this fake passport then? What will MarkAngel do after realizing the fate of his passport.

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