LMAO: Don Little Busted For Lying About Meeting Joe Biden

Don Little Busted For Lying About Meeting Joe Biden

Ghanaian actor Don Little was over the headlines after he claimed he met Joe Biden in the US. Can you imagine? But it seems all those were lies. The real person has been identified.

A photo of Joe Biden went viral showing Presidential candidate Joe Biden kneeling before a young boy.

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There were rumors as to what this little boy was because his face was hidden in the facemask.

Don Little took to his Instagram page and claimed he was the little boy in the picture due to a very close resemblance with the boy in the picture.

Not only that. He even gave an explanation of how it happened.

But the truth has been unfolded. Other angles of the picture show it was a child and not grown-up Don Little. What the hell will Joe Biden be doing on his knees in front of Don Little?

It seems this life is full of lies.

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