Video: Another ‘Sammy’ Weeps Like A Baby After Suffering Broken Heart From Nana Ama

broken heart

A trending video captures the moment a health worker abandons his patient and weeps uncontrollably after suffering a broken heart from his girlfriend also called Nana Ama just as Knust Sammy’s.

It is really mind-boggling to see men of these days weep because one lady they have given their heart to gives them broken unlike before when ladies are regarded as the feeble-hearted. But it seems these late centuries men are the most feeble-hearted.

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The man who happens to be a health worker cries like a baby and according to the video he was being consoled by his friend yet the pain in his heart paved way for more tears.

His friend however scolded him for abandoning the patients just to cry over a girl. He seriously needs surgery to mend his broken heart.

And to the Saturday born ladies what has the men done to you? Lol.

Watch the video below:

Source: IG

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