Coronavirus in China

COVID-19 allegations arise : biological weapon or misinformation?

In this news :

  • Financial website and blog – ZeroHedge suggests COVID-19 as biologically engineered.
  • Consequently, Twitter permanently suspends ZeroHedge.
  • Meanwhile, US-Chinese distrust raises conspiracy theories.
  • Trevor Bedford – a virus expert declares allegations are false. REPORT FROM WIKIPEDIA

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Coronavirus Surges On

The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus raises serious concerns around the world. As a result, nations put various preventive measures in place. This is purposed to contain the widespread of the pandemic disease. In the meantime, figures of it’s dread arise as records grow in number of infections and death tolls.

Matters Arise

Meanwhile, allegations on COVID-19 arise with no base evidence. Undoubtedly yes, a lot of these opinions circulate the social medias. Conversely, these allegations describe the pandemic as a biological weapon. Either purported against China or the United States of America. One of such cases suggested on ZeroHedge indicates COVID-19 as being biologically engineered without evidence. And this results in a permanent suspension of the blog account by Twitter for violating platform manipulation policy – Wikipedia reports.

BBC Flags Misinformation Down

Furthermore, another report on Wikipedia shows that The Washington Times captured two articles on coronavirus. In that, the news letter declares COVID-19 as a biological weapon from the Wuhan Institute of Virology – WIV. In contrast, further research from some US experts confirm WIV not suitable for bioweapon research. Consequently, The Washington Post declined such claims in their articles. BBC reported on this in January 2020 in an article about Corona virus misinformation.

Conspiracy Theories

Moreover, some conspiracy theories arise from the US-Chinese distrust as to whether the disease is a biological weapon. Either against China or the United States of America. In the meantime, Trevor Bedford makes a vivid statement amidst this pandemic. Thus, the virus expert and global co-lead Corona virus investigator confirms the COVID-19 mutations to be of natural evolution. This means, it is a falsity to tag the disease as a biological weapon.

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