Coronavirus Surges On


Coronavirus Surges On

In this news :

  • 514 doctors die in a single day over coronavirus infection
  • British Airways flight makes a U-turn midway to Accra
  • A coronavirus victim shares his experience in a video.

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Now the news in detail :

514 doctors die in a single day over coronavirus infection

A total number of 514 doctors have passed away in Spain after contracting the covid-19 virus. Subsequently, statistics tell that it is the lack of protective equipment for these medical staff that led to their demise. As contact with infected persons exposed them, making them susceptible to contracting the virus.

Meanwhile, the country of Spain records the second highest coronavirus cases after Italy. With a total of 39,673 confirmed cases out of which 2,696 have lost their lives as at March 25th, 2020.

Furthermore, news of this tell that Spain has being in lockdown since 14th March. Nevertheless, on Tuesday morning, the government confirmed 5,400 infected health workers. Consequently, 650,000 rapid-testing kits were distributed to the medical staff of Spain – The Guardian reports.

British Airways Flight makes a U-turn midway to Accra

According to a report from Joy News, a British Airways Flight which was destined for Accra this Monday, March 23rd made a sudden U-turn midway. The report confirms that such U-turns have been usual since the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Whereas reasons for sudden happenstances remain unknown. “Having passed Spain, as it was flying over the Balearic Sea, the Boeing 747 turned around and headed back to the UK, where the flight landed approximately 6:45 pm (UTC). Reports on social media indicated that the aircraft flight crew issued an emergency signal, squawk 7700,” – Joy News reports from Aerotime.

A Covid-19 victim shares his experience in a video

Andy Hardwick, a coronavirus victim shares his experience on the disease. He barely lifts his head as he struggles to make exegesis on how serious the pandemic is – The Guardian
Video here below :

Andy Hardwick

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Coronavirus Surges On

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