Coconut Water And Egg For Spiritual Protection

    Spiritual protection

    In this article am going to talk about how to use coconut water and egg for spiritual protection to protect your children. I mean older children. This can only be done by mothers but if you are also a father read the full article and share to your wife or any mother you know to benefit from this spiritual protection with coconut water and egg.

    Like I said before this is for mothers who want to go any length to protect their children from spiritual attacks. Mothers who want to be an eagle mother to their children, mothers who are concerned about the spiritual wellbeing of their children.

    Before we begin this remedy you must be someone who believes in God. Talking of the spiritual benefits of coconut water it would take more than a year for me to finish talking about. Coconut has more than 100 spiritual benefits. But as time to time I would be tackling all the spiritual benefits of coconut water one by one.

    Why did God create coconut? God created coconut not only to be eaten as fruit but also to solve our spiritual problems. Remember than we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and forces of darkness.

    Step by Step Guide on how to use coconut water and egg for spiritual protection

    What you will need: One Fresh Coconut and native fowl egg.

    What I mean by native fowl egg is eggs produced by local fowls. You can get it from local fowl producers or spiritual shops. The coconut should be big enough. It must contain enough water. Do not take two coconuts, just one. Even if your children are many use just one coconut.

                                   First phase

    1. Pour the coconut water into a clean container, if some of the coconut peel get into the container, don’t filter. Just leave it like that.

    2. Break the native egg from the head. I repeat from the head. If you miss it you have to throw it away and then use another egg? You are asking, does coconut have a head or where is the head of an egg. The head is the pointed part of the egg. Break it from there. Use the tip of the knife and break just a small part of the egg from the head. Don’t break the entire egg.

    3. Drop the content of the egg seven times in the coconut water. Don’t empty all the contents into the coconut, and set aside the remaining part but don’t thrash it. We are going to use it.

    4. Now take the spiritual protection mixture and use to clean your child’s or children’s body. You don’t have to wash their entire body with it. But just make sure it touches some parts of their body. Dip your finger into it and sprinkle it on their body. You don’t have to overdo it. If you have ten children, they will use from the same plate.

    Remember that this can only be done at night

    Second phase

    Now put the remaining part of the egg into your coconut. This is the most important part. Now at midnight. Any time after 12pm. Take this spiritual protection to a straight road in the night and put it there turning it upside down. After you put it outside down. Pray. Call the name of the children you want to protect and pray for them. Pray this “anybody that will want to harm them, that want to send them sickness, that want to delay their destiny, any person that want to harm them, you want them to fail in school, you want them to be wayward in life. You want them to join bad company. Immediately you plan to do that to my children this is how your own life will turn upside down, nobody can come near my children.” So that’s how you will pray.

    Leave it there and return home. Never look back until you get home.

    Don’t wait till your child is sick before you do this. It doesn’t work that way. Use it as a protection. Do it now so that no harm can befall your child. Don’t wait till they are attacked before you seek spiritual protection.

    Please share this article to benefit others too.

    If you have any questions, drop in in the comment section. I would gladly help you out.

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