Clear dark spot, pimples, scars and look flourishing with this


In this article we are going to make a gel that will clear all dark spots, pimples, scars, reduce ageing and make you look flourishing and young with natural ingredient, potato. Potato is very effective. With potato, you don’t need any soap, it even works better than beauty soaps. You don’t have to waste money purchasing beauty soaps. This remedy will work better for you.

 How to make this potato gel

1. What you have to do is to wash the potato very well and peel it.

2. Cut it into smaller size and transfer it into a blender. Add a little water, just a little water. Blend it and it will just look like a gel.

3. The next ingredient we are going to add is aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera gel is also effective in beautifying the body when combined with other ingredients like potato. It will clear dark spots and reduces pigmentation. It hydrates and moisturizes skin, it will make you look so refreshed. You can make use of the fresh aloe Vera. It’s very good.

4. We don’t actually need all the potato gel. Just take about two tablespoonful into a bowl. Add two tablespoonful of aloe Vera gel to the potato gel and stir to form a mixture.

5. Add few drops of almond oil. About half tablespoonful of it. Mix it very well.

6. Transfer the mixture into a container with a lid that you can keep safe. Put it into a refrigerator for about 10-30 minutes.

7. After putting it into a refrigerator, it will not be watery it will look just like a paste.

        How to apply the gel for better result

Before you apply it to your skin, wash off your makeups and if you don’t have makeups on your face just clean your face. This will open your pores for effective results. This remedy has helped me in reducing my pimples and scars, when you use it on your face you would notice that you won’t have any blemish.

Make sure you wash your hands and when applying it to your face, apply it gently. This will get rid of any wrinkles on your face, it will make you look young and pretty.


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