China Finally Confirms Its First COVID19 Vaccine Patent

COVID-19 Vaccine

China Finally Confirms Its First COVID19 Vaccine Patent

The COVID19 disease which was declared by the World Health Organisation on December 31st, 2019 as a global pandemic as widely known, originated from China in the city of Wuhan. After the disease outbreak which is currently affecting about 213 countries, the world has known 21,868,073 coronavirus cases with 773,730 death tolls and 14,591,414 recoveries – report from Worldometer.

Meanwhile, Eth Studios sighted a report earlier this morning on #CitiNews confirming the first approval of a COVID19 vaccine by the Chinese government. The report read, “China, ground zero of the novel coronavirus outbreak, confirmed its first COVID19 vaccine patent Sunday, according to state-affiliated media” – CitiNews

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Following the confirmation, China’s Global Television Network (CGTN) relayed on their Twitter handle thus, “#China has approved its first #COVID19 #vaccine patent, which has been developed by PLA infectious disease expert Chen Wei’s team. Earlier, the phase 2 trial of the vaccine candidate found that the vaccine is safe and induces an immune response”.

Further clinical trials indicated in the Journal of the American Medical Association, China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency analysed that the vaccine developed by the country is, “safe and generates an immune response”. Xinhua additionally said that the results indicated in those clinical reports show how efficaciously the vaccine induces neutralizing antibodies in the volunteers, thereby proving the presence of a substantial potential in triggering an immune response.

In the meantime, Russia has become the first country ever to approve a COVID19 vaccine in these dying moments of our fight against the pandemic. We report on this in an article here on Eth Studios.

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Source : CitiNews

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