Check out: Charterhouse Releases Full Result Stats Of VGMA21


After the just ended VGMA21, there has been a lot of controversies as to who was the actual winners.

Some folks who were not satisfied with the results claims charterhouse was not fair with the results of the awards.

Charterhouse has finally released the full results based on the criteria employed to give awards to respective nominees.

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The criteria are based on the opinions of three voting boards, which is the academy with 30%, the board with 30%, and the public voting which constitute 40% before the final decision is made.

Though the awards are not solely based on the public, one could easily win the board and the academy together without necessarily relying on the public votes.

┬áBut since opinions are like noses, you can’t get 60% votes from the board and academy altogether that is why the public voting matters here. So ‘everything counts’.

Check the full stats of the VGMA21 results.

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