Captain Smart Reveals Tracey And Mzbel’s ‘Sugar Daddy’

Captain Smart

Captain Smart Reveals Tracey And Mzbel’s ‘Sugar Daddy’

The identity of the man who is the central pillar for Tracey Boakye and Mzbel’s social brawl has been slightly revealed by Angel Broadcasting Network’s presenter, Captain Smart.

Meanwhile, the two celebrities have recently been at loggerheads battling their way to lay hold of an anonymous man who is supposedly a ‘sugar daddy’. Following one viral Instagram video made by Tracey Boakye, the guy left Mzbel for her because she has and gives out what Mzbel fails to have and can not give. In the meantime, a lot of Ghanaians are still wondering on the real identity of who this man could be. Thus, others have subsequently coined an alleged opinion that he is in the person of Ex President Mahama.

But Captain Smart gives a clue as to who this man actually is and why he has become a pain in the necks of these two elegant women. According to him, the man is a very wealthy and influential politician. Also, he is affiliated to one of the two biggest political parties in the country, NPP and NDC. He added that it is the usual lifestyle of such a man as a master in womanizing.

Even though he couldn’t pinpoint his name but he said the man has a Mercedes Benz with the registration number; G*-1***-19.

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Captain Smart Reveals Tracey And Mzbel’s ‘Sugar Daddy’

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