Bra Charles Finally Reacts To Cyril’s Social Media Saga

bra charles

Social media has been buzzing following a revelation that actor Aaron Adatsi popularly known as Cyril gave birth to a baby boy outside marriage.

The young actor in YOLO TV series was a staunch preacher of abstinence from sex so when news came that he has impregnated and even bearing a child, netizens have been blasting him that he’s such a hypocrite.

Well, his friend John Peasah popularly known as Drogba or Bra Charles in the YOLO TV series has come to his defense.

Taking to Instagram, Bra Charles as he’s also known told his friend Aaron not to mind what critics say.

He wrote: “Bro forget everybody ..we’re all not prefect…anyone who think is perfect should cast the first stone …remember these words in Yolo …Just know we Dey your back …all the best bro” : Don’t forget to subscribe by pressing the bell icon on your screen to receive daily news updates.

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