Avengers missing in action on Covid-19 Warship

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Avengers missing in action on Covid-19 Warship

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Special advise for believers on Covid-19

The world continues to look out for a cure amidst this pandemic outbreak. Various research institutes and virus experts are doing their best possible. As they conjure a cloud of valid tests, Covid-19 virus analysis and development of hypothesis of all sorts.

However, all attempts prove futile for the time being as the world continues to gnaw in pain. Moreover, a report from Worldometer proves Italy records more cases of the virus infection. Additionally, the country of Italy currently holds the highest number of confirmed cases and death tolls outside China.

Italy's Covid-19 report

Meanwhile, an anonymous person raises a humorous concern on Avengers. In the audio below, he enquires of Marvel stars on how they’ve been missing in action since the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Amusingly speaking, he makes emphasis on how Doctor Strange could simply use the time stone to reverse any predicament the world is suffering from. As was evident in Infinity War – the End Game.
The audio here below :

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Avengers missing in action on Covid-19 warship

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