Australian Commissioner In Ghana Wipes A Bowl Of Fufu With His Left Hand

Australian commissioner

Gregory Andrews, the Australian Commissioner to Ghana seems to be really enjoying his stay in the country. Thus, he intermittently gives social media followers updates concerning his ups-and-downs in Ghana.

Yesterday, he shared photos of himself wiping our local fufu dish with grass-cutter meat. In his post on facebook, he unveils that this was his very first time eating the local bush meat and fufu altogether.

Nevertheless, something seemed striking about his etiquette at the table, as he ate ‘everything’ with his left hand. Although, Gregory explains that his left hand is his dominant hand, but some Ghanaians back-lashed the Australian commissioner for it.

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Whether it’s according to superstitious beliefs or societal standards, it is a ‘taboo’ to eat with one’s left hand in a typical Ghanaian setting. Because it is presumed that the left hand does all the ‘dirty work’. (For example, it’s the left hand that we use to clean our backside when we visit the washroom) so it’s disgusting to put it inside the mouth.

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See facebook reactions to the ‘left-hand’ saga below :

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