How To Attract Money And Favor With Coconut Oil And Cinnamon

attract money

How to create your own favor oil that attracts money and favor. It’s not just ordinary attraction but a favor oil that would make everything that has to do with you be attracted to money. Your business would boom. You would attract money and favor.

Attract Money And Favor With Just Two Powerful Ingredient

You would only need two-ingredient; cinnamon powder and pure natural coconut oil. You can get coconut oil from any supermarket but it should be the pure coconut oil. Coconut has some spiritual properties attached to it.
Talk half a teaspoon of coconut water and add it into the cinnamon powder and pray over it.

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Even if you don’t pray over it, it is still very effective to attract money.
Use it as your oil. For the men, you can use it as a cream, rub it on your hands, face, and/or your entire body. If you don’t want to use it on your skin. Just rub it on your hands and start praying, saying what you want to happen in your life.

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A lady, after this remedy was recommended to her started giving testimonies that made her husband decide to give it a try and he is reaping the benefit as well.

A little drop of coconut oil in your cinnamon powder is a money magnet. Coconut water alone is a great spiritual tool, and adding cinnamon oil works like magic. Try it and give testimonies yourself. Use this remedy to attract money and favor.

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