Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Clay Pot Can Do

clay pot

In this our modern era, most people, when they hear about or see clay pot and calabash, the first thing that comes to the mind is fetish. Rituals, demonic, evil and many weird mindset. It’s so sad how we Africans have forgotten our roots all in the name of civilization, all in the name of education.

 In facts the increase in mortality rate these days is due to our neglect for ancient items and remedies for modern ones. When our grandparents were using things such as clay pots, they lived longer than people of these days.

 But these were the pots that was used by grandparents in the ancient times and some are still using. These are pots that our grandparents drunk from. And if you can remember, the water in clay pot can be very cold. It was just a normal pot, we just drunk from the pot. There was nothing like juju nor witchcraft but in these days, when you put these clay pots in your house they will just feel like oh this person is into something diabolic.

What people have no knowledge of is the surprising benefits of clay pots.

Herbalists normally use clay pots to cook their herbs rather than the modern pots being made. The reason is that there are some herbs which if you cook them in the normal pots, the herbs had already loose its effectiveness immediately. Let’s take For instance there are some sickness like high blood pressure, diabetics which sometimes are not from natural causes.

 Somebody can just send you diabetics, high blood pressure spiritually. You will just be there enjoying your life and all of a sudden your blood pressure will just increase. If a herbalist want to cure such sickness, he or she cannot use the normal pots to cook the herbs.

One thing that is also unique about clay pots is that, the same pots cannot be used to cook herbs that will be used to cure different people. Once you use it for one person, you must dispose it. You must use a different pot for another person.

Clay pots are by far better than steel, plastic and glass pots. Consider discarding your modern pots for clay pots.

Here are some health benefits of clay pot

1. When it comes to water storage. Storing water in plastic isn’t healthy because of chemicals like BPA. Clay pots doesn’t have any chemical issues. Water from clay pots is sweet, soothing, taste natural. It is as if the healing energy is transferred to the water. So refreshing.

2. Some studies have shown that water stored in plastic containers, reduces testosterone levels while water stored in clay pots maintain testosterone, improve health and metabolism.

3. Because clay is alkaline it neutralizes acidic foods cooked in them. This saves your digestive health and entire health as well.

4. One dangerous thing about cooking food in metallic pots is that the metals may leech into the food. Cooking food in clay pots is good and even retain the nutrients in the food.

Leave the intellectuals to continue with their so called modern way of life that is the cause of their death. God is passing by the elite.

What the potter goes through in making the clay pots

A potter is the person who mold clay into pots. Potters are gifted with creativity. There are five stages in the making of clay pots.

1. Gathering the clay

Before the potter can make the clay pots he needs the clay. The first process is to gather clay. The potter does not take clear, he spends his time picking the exact clay that he want. He lifts his hand and feel the right clay.

2. Cleaning the clay

With great and infinite care, he molds the clay. He removes any twig, impurity or stone. The clay is put on a table and beaten with rods until it becomes smooth and the impurity removed.

3. Shaping the clay

After beating and shaping the clay the potter form the clay into a lump and put it on a wheel. He begins to turn it as it spins, this is the most important part, and he ensure that the clay doesn’t get dry. If it is too wet too it refuses to take the shape the potter wants. He becomes creative here.

4. Drying the container

After molding the vessel, he place it in the sun for drying. The clay pot will break if water is poured into it. Hence drying it makes it become strong. But it doesn’t end here.

5. Firing the container

This is also another stage for strengthening the pot. The potter places it in the kiln for the firing process. The temperature must be extremely hot. (1,100 degree Celsius).  As it is heated, the molecular structure of the pot changes. The vessel would dissolve if water was put into it before firing. But it will hold water for years after firing.

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