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7807 Death cases : WHO Confirms
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The report

A report dated as at 18th March 2020 from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms a total number of 7,807 death tolls worldwide. Additionally, it cites 191,127 total confirmed cases of COVID-19. In contrast, another report from Worldometer also shows 219,265 total confirmed cases out of which 8,969 have lost their lives. However, the report asserts number of recoveries to be more than number of deaths. In that, a total number of 85,745 are recorded as recoveries.

Variated reports

As a result, WHO declares that their report cites only official counts of COVID-19 confirmed cases as of March 18th. Comparatively, other reports from various sources may differ according to differences in inclusion criteria and cut-off times. This nonetheless proves true of the other report from Worldometer. Below is an on-screen picture of the report on Worldometer.

7,807 Death cases : World Health Organization Confirms

COVID-19 Apocalypse

Another face of WHO’s report proves a new confirmed case in one European Region. Hence, this literally brings to the fore a supposed apocalypse by the COVID-19 virus. Once again, a pandemic proves the futility of man, characterized as mortality rate. As nations continually shut doors of opportune against it’s infectiousness, the disease undoubtedly spreads. This is because, reports from various sources show an increasing growth rate worldwide.

Below is the report from World Health Organization

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7807 Death cases : WHO Confirms

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