10 Important Life Changing Questions You Must Ask Yourself


Happiness, life satisfaction and the daily habits of the most successful people are topics which researchers love to study.

And what they consistently find is that, individuals who reach the end of their lives feeling fulfilled, grateful and devoid of regrets do so by being intentional with how they handled themselves and their relationships with others.

So here are ten of simple life changing questions which can help you be honest with yourself about the directions you are taking in this world.

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1. How will my life be different in a year?

2. What am I grateful for?

3. What nice thing can I do for someone else today?

4. How much do I need to worry about what others think?

5. What am I doing to invest in my relationships?

6. What do I need to do to be free from depression?

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7. Am I comfortable in my own skin?

8. Is anxiety something that dampens most of my days?

9. What have been my biggest mistakes?

10. What will people say about me at my funeral.

Take time to reflect on yourself and ask yourself this questions one after the other and try to find solutions to all of them.

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